Names and Bandings

Falcon Chick (Taken May 23, 2014)

Peregrine Falcons Laid at the Tower Building

  • Peregrine falcons are tagged because they are on the Michigan endangered species list
  • Big Red (female 33/K) and Chayton (C/57) began breeding atop the Jackson County Tower Building, 120 West Michigan Avenue, in 2010.
  • Since 2010, Big Red (female 33/K) has laid twenty nine (29) eggs, of those twenty four (24) chicks fledged.
  • The peregrine falcon chicks were banded by the DNR, and named by Citizen Patriot/M Live Readers:
    • 2018:

       Polly, Pearl, Jubilee, Stuard and Gilbert
    • 2017:

       Mountie (female 30\Z), Cooper (female 31/Z), Dungy (female 32/Z), Schlenker (male 72/R), and Gramer (female, 33/Z)
    • 2016:

       Dermyer (male 12/C), Henry(male 13/C), and Hinkley(female 13/K)
    • 2015:

       Walt (male P/32), Bisbee (male E/13), Comet (male E/14) and Roxy (female 83/U)
    • 2014:

       Matilda (female C\33), Viking (female C\34) and Titan (female C\32)
    • 2013:

       Millie (female 80/U), Cascade (male E/12), Coney (female 79/U) and Tower (female 81/U)
    • 2012:

       Liberty (male 07/P), Justice (female 08/P), Freedom (male 09/P) and Grace (female 06/P)
    • 2011:

       Betty (female 36/X), Rose (female 37/X) and Sparky (male 14/P)
    • 2010:

       Jackson (male 60/M), Ella (female 79/Y) and Ernie (male 61/M)