College / University Internship

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It is the intent of the 12th District Court to provide an opportunity for college/university students which will enrich their college/university education through practical experience. The prospective intern will be exposed to judicial system, as well as, the policies and practices of the 12th District court.


The Court Administrator or designate will be responsible for the recruitment and placement of an prospective intern. Prior to placement, the intern will be interviewed to determine his/her appropriateness. If an intern is deemed acceptable, he/she will assigned an intern supervisor, who has at least 3 years of experience with the 12th District Court. The intern is to work under the direction of the assigned intern supervisor.

Work Rules & Regulations

The intern will be given a copy of the work rules and regulations that govern the 12th District Court. The work rules and regulations will be discussed with the intern and a signed copy will be placed in the intern's file. If the intern is found in violation of any 12th District Court work rules or regulations, the internship may be terminated immediately.


Once an intern has been assigned an intern supervisor, it is the responsibility of the intern supervisor to adequately train the intern for the job tasks that he/she will be performing. There is a wide variety of job tasks that are performed by 12th District Court Personnel. Therefore, the intern supervisor should use discretion in regards to which job tasks the intern will be able to perform.


If a college or university requires that evaluations be submitted in regards to the performance of an intern, the supervising agent is required to complete the evaluation form in a timely fashion. A copy of the evaluation is to be submitted to the Court Administrator so that it may be filed in the intern's file.

Probation Officer Interns


The intern supervisor should use discretion when allowing an intern to conduct an interview. Several factors should be examined before the intern begins an interview. Further, the intern should possess the appropriate interviewing skills. During an interview, the intern supervisor is required to be present. This will provide assistance to the intern when needed, as well as, ensure that the appropriate information is gathered. Under no circumstances will an intern be permitted to conduct alcohol/drug screening and assessments unless the intern possesses the appropriate state license to perform said assessments.

Presentence Reports

When the intern supervisor determines that the intern has acquired the skills to dictate a report, the intern may dictate the report. Consistent with the policy regarding interviewing, the intern supervisor should use discretion in regards to which reports may be completed by the intern. Prior to the dictating stage, the intern supervisor must discuss the case with the agent, as well as, approve of the recommendation provided to the court. If the intern dictates the report, the intern shall affix his/her signature to the report. If the intern supervisor feels that the report is presentable to the court, the agent shall sign the report as approved.

It is understood that the intern may perform any of the job-related tasks performed by 12th District Court Personnel at any given time.