The 12th District Court employs four Certified Electronic Court Recorders (CER). These Recorders maintain certification as required by the State of Michigan.

Judge / Recorder

Honorable Allison L. Bates, P45282 / Julie Wartella, CEO -  9665

Honorable Robert K. Gaecke, Jr , P55829 / Kamari Boomer, CER - 8848

Honorable Michael Klaeren, P32163 / Shellie Sanders, CER - 7667

Honorable Daniel A. Goostrey, P58019 / Kelly Purucker-King, CER - 8044

Equipment & Software History

When the District Court was created in 1969, the Michigan Legislature approved the use an electronic record as opposed to stenotype, shorthand or steno mask. The first electronic recording system used by the 12th District Court was the Edison Voicewriter System. Today, the court uses BIS digital software for recording court proceedings. Highly sensitive microphones pick up voice and sound, which are recorded to a network server. The proceeding is then backed up nightly to another server to maintain file integrity and retention. It is the responsibility of the court recorder to monitor the proper functioning of the equipment to ensure a quality recording. In addition to monitoring the equipment, the recorder must keep comprehensive notes of the court proceedings.


Only a small percentage of district court proceedings require transcription (a written record). Preliminary examinations on felony cases and appeals to the 4th Judicial Circuit Court are the most common proceedings that are transcribed. Anything that has been recorded can be transcribed upon written request to the court recorder. The cost for a transcript is $1.75 per original page and $0.30 per copy page. These transcription fees are governed by Michigan statute (MCL 600.2543).

Real-Time Data Entry

In addition to monitoring equipment and logging court proceedings, the court recorders perform real-time data entry of court cases on the court's case management system (Judicial Information Systems - JIS). Real-time data entry has proven to be an efficient method of producing notices and updating the case management system which would otherwise have to be handled at a later time by the clerk's office.

Secretaries & Clerical Work

In addition to courtroom duties and transcribing, each of the 4 Recorders serves as a judicial secretary to their respective judge, performing a variety of clerical functions.


All Court Recorders employed by the 12th District Court and are members of Michigan Electronic Court Reporters Association (MECRA ).