Youth Arts Alliance

Today, a once-barren patch of land is blooming and breathing new life into the lives of detained youth. Sometimes for the first time, words like “beauty” and “nurturing” are starting to take hold. Residents are involved in every aspect of the process from planning to planting to nurturing to harvesting. Cultivating palates is also a key part of the learning, with frequent taste testings and the introduction of recipes and cooking. The JCYC garden is a place for residents to learn how to express themselves in a healthy way. For a large majority of our population who have experienced some form of trauma, this endeavor helps with behavior modification, the release of frustrations, relaxation, and increased self-esteem & sense of accomplishment. We are teaching patience and promoting feelings of hope at Jackson County Youth Center.

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The images in the slideshow are the gardening projects that our youth worked diligently on with the help of Youth Arts Alliance. Many of the vegetables were used in the lunches and dinners served.