My mailbox was damaged by a snowplow. Now what?
Since mailboxes are in the road right-of-way, they are sometimes damaged by road trucks when plowing snow, or performing other road maintenance. It is the policy of the Jackson County Department of Transportation to replace only mailboxes and/or posts that have actually been hit by our equipment. If the mailbox or wooden post was broken off from the force of the snow coming off the blade, we do not replace or repair it. To reduce this risk, please check your mailbox every fall to make sure it is attached securely to the post. Also, please remove snow build up around the post so when the road is plowed, the new snow isn’t pushing up against snow already piled up. Sometimes this forces the post to snap. Typically, most mailboxes damaged during snow removal are from the force of the snow coming off of the plow. If it is determined that your mailbox was damaged by impact of our truck, JCDOT will replace the mailbox with a standard mailbox. JCDOT does not reimburse for repairs or replacements.

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