Aggression Court

This specialty court is dedicated to reducing the number of domestic violence incidents in Jackson County through a coordinated effort, which focuses on safety and accountability. The court works toward the establishment of consistent practices and policies that do not perpetuate the dynamics of power and control found in abusive relationships. The court strives to dispense equal justice in all domestic violence matters under the court’s jurisdiction in a prompt and efficient manner.

Court Process

Upon initial contact with police, the victim is given a pamphlet explaining the court process and contains numbers to various community programs. The pamphlet was designed, with the assistance of the Jackson County Domestic Violence Coordinating Counsel, to educate the victim immediately following police interaction.


At arraignment the defendant is subjected to a “no contact” bond provision. That provision is not lifted unless the victim appears before Judge Bates to request it be reviewed. Judge Bates grants the request if he believes the victims are acting on their own accord and free of any threats. This is another way to provide additional safety to the victim.

Sentencing & Probation

Once the defendant pleads or is found guilty of the charge, they are referred to the probation department for a pre-sentence interview. The probation agent investigates the defendant’s background and criminal record, along with their version of the offense. The agent then contacts the victim to obtain additional information relating to the offense and any other domestic violence events.

At sentencing the defendant is typically placed on probation for at least 15 months and required to successfully complete a batterer’s intervention program. While success ultimately depends on the defendant’s willingness to change, these batterer’s intervention programs are the court’s foundation. The success or failure of the Aggression Court is predicated upon the ability of these programs to change the defendant’s thinking and eliminate their aggressive tendencies. Program length ranges from 26 to 52 weeks depending on the defendant’s needs.