Strategic Implementation Team


  • 1st Monday of each month
    • Except where committee meetings fall on the first Monday in which case they meet the second Monday.
    • Meetings may be cancelled by the Administrator's Office.

Agendas & Minutes

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  • Amy Schultz
  • Denise Owens
  • Donald Bustamante
  • Grant Bauman
  • Julie Alexander
  • Karen Coffman
  • Kent Maurer
  • Marce Wandell
  • Michelle Bullinger
  • Michael Overton
  • Mindy Braddish-Orta
  • Richard Martonchik
  • Steve Rand
  • Tammy Bates


The Strategic Implementation Team is chartered by the Jackson County Board of Commissioners through the adoption of the strategic plan. The Strategic Implementation Team makes recommendations to the Administrator/Controller and the Board of Commissioners.

Objective & Scope

The Strategic Implementation Team is charged with implementing and coordinating strategies adopted by the Board of Commissioners. They report back to the Board of Commissioners, through the Administrator/Controller's office, with a sense of accountability to the community and employees. They provide counsel to the Administrator's Office on integrating the strategic plan in the budget process. They assume responsibility for promotion, transparency, and implementation of the objectives and tactics.


The Strategic Implementation Team reports at least annually to the Board of Commissioners or upon request from the Administrator/Controller's Office.


The Team will follow the County Strategic Plan as currently adopted by the Jackson County Board of Commissioners.