My Jackson Leadership


It is our belief that employees strive to perform their job effectively and are driven by being self-motivated, open to new ideas and eager to learn. Motivation is found by enhancing personal fulfillment through opportunities for self-directed work, ownership, recognition, feedback, and provision of resources. Acknowledging the value of those closest to the tasks, knowledge and ideas are shared throughout the organization.

People desire to work in a team environment where they are empowered to be creative and pursue ideas. Work is a collaborative and planned process, accomplished through shared decision making, to deliver quality services.


  • High Performance Organization (HPO) training: Increasing employee knowledge of HPO concepts and approaches.
  • HPO Coordinating Council: A team that reviews and makes recommendations for integrating HPO strategies, structures and systems within the organization.
  • Continuous Process Improvement (CPI) training: Employee training coordinated and facilitated by the CPI Coordinating Council. CPI assists in creating an organizational culture that engages employees in continuous process improvement.
  • Leadership Infrastructure for Tomorrow (LIFT 2.0): Employee training focusing on leadership topics, part of creating an organizational culture that fosters an environment of continuous improvement.
  • Employee Education Assistance Program: Reimbursement of tuition fees for classes or training that will enhance knowledge or skills for an employee’s position or to assist in meeting qualifications of other positions in the organization.
  • Improved Work Environment Team: Part of the Jackson County Strategic Plan. Areas of focus include employee development and growth, management and supervision development, process improvement, organizational culture, and communication.
  • Jackson County Values Award: A recognition program to identify employees who demonstrate outstanding commitment to the County’s Core Values.