Fund Development Friends of Seniors

In 1993 a group of interested citizens concerned about the quality of life for older adults residing in Jackson County established the "Friends of Jackson Seniors." The Friends of Jackson Seniors is a nonprofit, 501 (c) (3) organization with the purpose of developing funding sources to benefit seniors in the Jackson community.

Go to to view the Friends of Jackson Seniors website.

Jackson Community Foundation

Working with the Jackson Community Foundation, the Friends of Jackson Seniors established an agency fund with the Jackson Community Foundation in 1997. Tax deductible donations can be sent to the Jackson Community Foundation and designated for the Friends of Jackson Seniors:
Jackson Community Foundation
One Jackson Square
100 East Michigan Avenue
Suite 308
Jackson, MI 49201-1406

Phone: 517-787-1321

Also find more information at the Jackson Community Foundations website.


The Friends of Jackson Seniors Bylaws state the following purposes:
  1. To develop funding sources that will increase programs and services for Senior Citizens.
  2. To encourage local agencies, private organizations and interested individuals to become involved in the development of needed resources for such programs and services.
  3. To determine how, when, and in what manner to secure and distribute all funds so designated for these programs and services.

Friends of Jackson Seniors Board

Members of the Friends of Jackson Seniors Board are persons residing or working in Jackson County who are concerned with promoting and safeguarding the welfare of Older Adults.

For Further Information

If you are interested in finding out more about the Friends of Jackson Seniors, would like to apply for a membership, or make a donation, contact the Jackson County Department on Aging Director, at 517-788-4364.