Board of Canvassers


Jackson County Court House
312 S Jackson Street
Jackson, MI 49201


  • Susan Smalley
    Term expires: October 2021
  • Avis Campbell
    Term expires: October 2021
  • Bob Duke
    Term expires: October 2019
  • Sandra Marsh
    Term expires: October 2019

The County Clerk and her Elections Director serve as the Clerk of the Board.

The Board consists of 4 members, which are 2 people from each major party. Each Board member serves a 4-year term and the terms are staggered. Appointments are made by the Jackson County Board of Commissioners in October.


The Board is responsible for canvassing and certifying all Primaries and Elections held in Jackson County.  The Board is also responsible for conducting recounts of votes cast, validation and inspection of Election Equipment, Election workers and Election procedures in Jackson County.