Golf Course

The Cascades Golf Course is a beautiful place and a great place to play golf! 
One of the greens at the Cascades Golf Course with trees in the background
  1. About the Course

    Cascades Golf Course is a rich and traditionally designed golf course that allows the player many options when playing.

  2. Hole 1

    The opening hole at the Cascades, is the first of back-to-back par fives.

  3. Hole 2

    The second par five, is a great test of skill and strategy.

  4. Hole 3

    This downhill par 4 will be a test of your distance control.

  5. Hole 4

    The first of four par 3's at the Cascades, is played over water from an elevated tee.

  6. Hole 5

    This par 4 is the most challenging driving hole on the front nine.

  7. Hole 6

    This par 5 is the shortest par 5 on the course. However, playing uphill, and lined with large trees and several sets of grass bunkers, this hole is by no means an easy par.

  8. Hole 7

    This downhill dog-leg left par 4, is another of Cascades great risk/reward type holes.

  9. Hole 8

    With out-of-bounds left, trees protecting the right, and a valley down the middle of the fairway, it is easy to see why this dog-leg right par 4 is the #1 handicap hole on the course.

  10. Hole 9

    This par 3 is the only par on the course that does not have bunkers and water. However, the green is surrounded by large, mature pines on three sides.

  11. Hole 10

    The start of the back nine, is a scenic down-hill dog-leg right par 5. Playing from an elevated tee, players must keep to the left side of the fairway, or be force to lay up due to the trees protecting the entire right side.

  12. Hole 11

    Regarded as one of the most demanding par 3's in the area, this hole stretches to over 200 yards from the championship tee.

  13. Hole 12

    This par 4 is the most difficult driving hole on the course.

  14. Hole 13

    Finally a chance to relax, this dog-leg right par 4, is the only chance on the back nine to relax and let it rip.

  15. Hole 14

    This 90 degree dog-leg left require a tee shot of over 230 yards, to make it to the corner of the dog-leg, but less than 260 to stay in the fairway.

  16. Hole 15

    The shortest par 4 at the Cascades, the 15th hole is a slight dogleg left, with a canal bisecting the fairway, players need a tee shot to travel between 190 and 210 yards.

  17. Hole 16

    The shortest par 3 on the course, hole number 16 is still very challenging.

  18. Hole 17

    The signature hole at the Cascades, hole number 17 is an uphill par 4 with a canal crossing the fairway.

  19. Hole 18

    The dogleg left par 4, requires a delicate tee shot. With tree over hanging the left side of the fairway, any tee shot not struck solid may come straight down after hitting the trees.