Sparks Foundation County Park

  1. Cascades Golf Course

    The Cascades course, located in the southern part of the City of Jackson, is a course that a golfer must play if he or she wants to play one of the best public courses in Michigan.

  2. Cascades Manor House

    The Cascades Manor House is located in the beautiful 465-acre Sparks Foundation Park in southwest Jackson. It was originally built as the clubhouse for the 18-hole championship Cascades Golf Course and named the Cascades Club House.

  3. Cascades Park Special Events

    View details regarding special events taking place in the Cascades Park.

  4. Cascades Renovation

    Donate and learn more about the renovation of the Cascades.

  5. The Cascades County Parks

    More than any other structure in Jackson, Cascades is a monument of beauty and distinction that has been a source of enjoyment and fond memories to the millions of people who have visited it for over half a century.