Department on Aging

The Jackson County Department on Aging is a department of Jackson County government, under the supervision of the County Administrator and County Deputy Administrator. The Department on Aging Board of Directors are the Jackson County Board of Commissioners.

The Jackson County Department on Aging has a 2023 fiscal year budget of $4,585,000. The 0.60 mill Senior Millage is an important part of funding for seniors services. In addition, 60% of the budget is supported by donations and funding from various organizations including WellWise Area Agency on Aging, under the auspices of the Bureau of Aging, Community Living and Supports. 

Advisory Council
The Jackson County Board of Commissioners appoints a 15 member Advisory Council on Aging. Members of the Advisory Council are older adults and those who have an interest in services for older adults. The Advisory Council provides information about the needs and opinions of older adults in Jackson County, offers input on the desirability of programs, and generally advises the Department on Aging on matters concerning senior citizens. The Advisory Council normally meets the last Wednesday of the month, review their 2024 Meeting Schedule (PDF).  The Advisory Council Bylaws (PDF) explains the Advisory Council purpose, membership, organization, meetings, committees and amendments. To seek appointment to the Jackson County Advisory Council on Aging submit a Request for Board or Commission Appointment Form (PDF)

According to Federal Regulations, clients receiving service are asked to make a donation for the service they receive. A fee is not charged. No one is denied service due to an inability to donate.

The Department on Aging has 14 full and 25 part-time, as well as casual staff, providing services to over 6,000 Jackson County residents.