Creating a Workable Agreement

Conciliation is a service provided to the parties upon submission of a complaint for divorce (involving minor children) or a complaint for custody. Parties are scheduled to meet with the Conciliator soon after the filing is received from the court. If domestic violence is present, parties are scheduled for separate appointments. The purpose of the conciliation is to allow an opportunity for parties to meet and discuss the issues surrounding their children since filing the complaint. Parties will be able to try to come to a workable agreement regarding custody, parenting time, and support. Attorneys are welcome to participate in the conciliation, however are not required.

Conciliator-Stipulated Orders

If parties are able to come to an agreement regarding custody, parenting time, and support, the conciliator will prepare a stipulated order for parties to sign. This order is then submitted to the court for entry as a temporary order until the final Judgment of Divorce is entered, or until further order of the court.
Woman with child reading a book
Conciliation Meeting with parents and child
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Recommended Orders

If parties are not able to reach an agreement, the conciliator will prepare a recommended order regarding custody, parenting time, and support. This recommendation is prepared based on the information provided to the conciliator at the time of the conference. The recommended order is submitted to the court as well as to the parties. Each party has an opportunity to object to the recommended order. If either party objects, a hearing is scheduled before the court regarding the matter.
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