Environmental Health

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  1. Body Art

    IMPORTANT: It is illegal to perform body art/piercing procedures on another person in an unlicensed facility. The process to become a licensed body art facility requires multiple steps that include a plan review process with a Jackson County Health Department sanitarian and applying for a body art/piercing license with the Michigan Department of Health & Human Services.

  2. Campgrounds

    The Environmental Health Division inspects campgrounds in Jackson County to ensure the campgrounds are following Michigan Department of Environmental Quality (MDEQ) guidelines. Public Act and Rules Governing Campgrounds

  3. Child and Adult Care Facilities

    LARA licenses and regulates all day cares, children’s camps and foster care homes. If the establishment is required to have an Environmental Health inspection, an Environmental Health Inspection Request Form should be submitted to the Division

  4. Complaints

    The Jackson County Environmental Health Division responds to food service establishment complaints and environmental unsanitary conditions such as sewage surfacing from a failing septic system. ALL complaints must be submitted in writing unless there is visible sewage on the ground. If your complaint is an environmental emergency, call 911.

  5. Food Program

    Inspection and evaluation of all temporary food sites and all licensed restaurants in Jackson County. Investigations of food-borne illness, food related complaints and of Smoke Free Law violations.

  6. Housing & Indoor Air

    Many of us spend a majority of our day indoors either in schools, workplaces or home. As such, a healthy indoor environment is vital for healthy living. Indoor air pollution, as well as environmental issues in your home or indoor environment, can have significant effects on your health. In this area of the website we will provide additional information on bugs, mold and radon facts

  7. Public Pools

    The Environmental Health Division inspects public pools in Jackson County to ensure the pools are following Michigan Department of Environmental Quality (MDEQ) guidelines. Our sanitarians perform these inspections annually, and each public pool is required to submit a weekly coliform sample and monthly operational report.

  8. Recycling / Hazardous Waste

    The Jackson County Conservation District is responsible for recycling and Household Hazardous Waste Days in Jackson County. The Health Department has also provided additional resources, information and details on reducing your household hazardous waste (HHW).

  9. Soil Erosion

    Soil erosion permits are required for all projects involving earth moving activities that occur within 500 feet of lakes or streams and disturb more than 225 square feet or disturb one or more acres.

  10. Water Testing

    Have concerns about your home or business drinking water? Environmental Health offers four (4) water testing kits from the DEQ Drinking Water Laboratory. You pick these bottles up from our office, fill them up at your home or business and then ship them to the DEQ lab for testing. The Health Department does not have a laboratory on site and will not send out your sample.

  11. Well & Septic Information

    Wells and Sewage System Permits are mandated and regulated by the Jackson County Health Department Environmental Health Division. Any new systems or repairs/replacements must involve our department.