Emergency Preparedness

Department Responsibilities

  • Provide rapid and efficient response to public health threats
  • Ensure emergency plans are maintained and practiced
  • Work with community partners, to plan for and respond to an incident in Jackson County
  • Prepare, prevent, respond, and recover from public health emergencies
  1. Disaster Preparedness

    View disaster preparedness resources to assist you in safety planning.

  2. Do 1 Thing

    See what small steps you can take on a monthly basis to prepare for an emergency.

  3. Fact Sheets

    See a listing of fact sheets on various alphabetically organized public health hazard topics.

  4. Pandemic Planning

    View presentations and checklists for pandemic planning.

  5. Volunteer Opportunity

    Interested in becoming a member of the Jackson County Health Department’s Public Health Volunteer Response Team (PHVRT)?

  6. Weather Information

    Access weather preparedness information that can assist you in the event of adverse or emergency conditions.

  7. Links & Resources

    View a listing of agency and topic links and resources related to the Health Department.