Domestic Matters

  1. Approval of Orders & Judgments

    All Judgments and Orders involving Change of Custody, Support and Change of Domicile must be approved by the Friend of the Court before they are submitted to the Judge.

  2. Court Forms

    Print off forms needed for Circuit Court matters.

  3. Check List: Divorce & Minor Children

    In order to get divorced, the following needs to be done before the date you have chosen to place testimony on the record.

  4. Domestic Case Scheduling Order

    See pre-trial, trial, and other scheduling order items.

  5. Domestic Week Schedule

    Find the calendar for the Domestic Week Schedule.

  6. Ex Parte Communication

    "Ex parte communication" is a direct or indirect communication on the substance of a pending case without the knowledge, presence, or consent of all parties involved in the matter.

  7. Pro Confesso Format

    In an attempt at judicial economy, after the witness is identified, questions to the witness at a Pro Confesso Hearing shall be limited to a certain format.

  8. Reconciliation

    If the parties do not want to proceed with the Pre Trial or Trial because of reconciliation or possible reconciliation, a stipulation must be filed with the Court and the case will be dismissed.

  9. Scheduling a Motion

    Domestic motions have certain filing and scheduling rules.

  10. Smile Program

    Start Making It Livable for Everyone (SMILE) is an educational program for separating or divorced parents with children under the age of 18.