Live, Work, Play

  1. Cascades County Park

    Learn more about the various aspects and features of the Cascades County Park.

  2. Cascades Golf Course

    The Cascades course, located in the southern part of the City of Jackson, is a course that a golfer must play if he or she wants to play one of the best public courses in Michigan.

  3. Citizens' Guide to Local Unit Finances (PDF)

    Review the Citizens' Guide to Local Unit Finances.

  4. Community Events

    Access calendars to view upcoming events.

  5. Community Links

    Our community has valuable informational resources available to the citizens. Find a listing of links in the Jackson County Community.

  6. Community News

    Read current news and announcements.

  7. Community Voice

    Interact with the government by suggesting initiatives, posting ideas, and sharing in conversations around community proposals.

  8. County Fair

    The Jackson County Fairgrounds are home to the area’s most exciting events including the Jackson County Fair, Beer Fest, and Nite Lites. We have plenty of rental space available for events and winter storage.

  9. Emergency Preparedness

    Review valuable resources on the topic of Emergency Preparedness.

  10. Employment

    Browse employment opportunities in Jackson County.

  11. Falcon Report

    The Falcon Report is a live broadcast of the Peregrine Falcon Breeding Season.

  12. MyJacksonStream

    The live streaming broadcast is recorded at the Jackson County Tower Building.

  13. Official Greeting

    Read an official greeting from the Jackson County Commissioners.

  14. Parks & Facilities

    Check out area parks, facilities, and a list of their amenities.

  15. Visitor Resources

    Find resources for people visiting Jackson County.