1. Birth Records

    In Michigan, birth records are filed in the county where the person is born.

  2. Marriage Records

  3. Death Records

    View details on obtaining a death record in Jackson County.

  4. Concealed Pistol License

    Obtain a Concealed Pistol License through the state of Michigan.

  5. Business Registration

    The law requires that sole-proprietors and co-partners file their business name at the county clerk's office.

  6. DD-214 Military Discharge

    Learn more about the work of the County Clerk's Office in regards to military and veterans affairs.

  7. Notary Public Information

    A Notary Public is an officer commissioned by the Michigan Secretary of State to serve as an unbiased and impartial witness. The most common function of the notary is to prevent fraud by attesting to the identity of a person signing a document.

  8. Genealogy

    The Jackson County Clerk's office is thankful to our genealogy volunteers and the service that they provide to our customers.

  9. Record Searches

    This page allows you to select various different types of record searches