About Us

  1. Administration

    Access administration contact information for the Health Department.

  2. Annual Reports

    We encourage you to review our Annual Report and become aware of the programs and services we provide to the residents of Jackson County.

  3. Customer Satisfaction Survey

    The Jackson County Health Department cares about the quality of service you receive.


    Find out what each letter of the DEDICATED acronym stands for.

  5. #1 - Discrimination / Civil Rights Statement

    Discrimination / Civil Rights Statement in Multiple languages. Provides instruction on how to file a complaint

  6. Fee Schedule (PDF)

    See and download the Fee Schedule from the Heath Department.

  7. Internships

    Welcome to the Jackson County Health Department (JCHD) Internship Information Page.

  8. Mission Statement, Vision, Values

    Our vision is to be Michigan’s healthiest community.

  9. Privacy Act Statement (PDF)

    Read through the Privacy Act Statement online resource.

  10. Service Brochure

    Service Brochure outlining programs and services available at the JCHD for 2016.

  11. Staff Directory

    This is a list of the staff by department with phone, fax and email link