Register of Deeds Office

Indenture June 20, 1835
  1. Search Deeds Online

    You can now do a grantor or grantee name search for deeds, mortgages and miscellaneous documents dating from 1964 back to 1800.

  2. Recordings

    Recording requirements and recommendations in Jackson County.

  3. Statutory Fees

    Better understand the statutory fees for Jackson County through the Register of Deeds department.

  4. Fax Request (PDF)

    View the fax request form for the Jackson County Register of Deeds.

  5. Email Request (PDF)

    The form is designed to open the E-mail program specified to request an email.

  6. Escrow Account Setup

    If you would like to set up an escrow account for the purchase of copies and land search capability please fill out this form.

  7. Transfer Tax

    Transfer tax fees may be added to the recording fees and one check made out to Register of Deeds for the correct recording amount.

  8. County Exemptions

    Better understand the exemptions for Jackson County.

  9. State Exemptions

    View information regarding state exemptions from the Register of Deeds.

  10. FAQs

    Frequently Asked Questions

  11. Holidays Observed

    The Register of Deed's office will be closed for several holidays throughout the year.

  12. E-Recording Partners

    E-Recording Partners