Property Information Search for Well & Septic Records

Want to find well & septic information for a property? 

Please follow the steps listed below. 

  1. Email:
  2. Subject: Property Record Search for _[address]_
  3. Body: 
    1. Address
    2. Parcel ID #
    3. Year system was installed [if known]
    4. Applicant/Owner at time system was installed [if known]

We will email you back any and all results we have on file or respond that we did not have anything on file. 

Please Note:

  • Almost all of our records before 1972 were lost so we have very few records before then. 
  • If the home is newer, it may not have had an address at the time everything was finalized with our office so may be under just the street name. If this is the case, we must have more information to search for the appropriate property (year built, owners name, lot #, etc)
  • We try to answer requests as soon as possible but please give us at least 72 hours before following up or submitting another request for the same information. 

If you are looking to submit a request for numerous properties, a general area or other information besides well and/or septic information for one property, a proper FOIA request must be submitted through the Jackson County FOIA office.