Speed & Traffic Volume

The Dangers of Speeding

Speed is one of the leading causes of fatal accidents in Jackson County!

Largest Traffic Volume Roadways

Jackson County roadways share one of the largest volumes of traffic in the State of Michigan. The County is criss-crossed by primary and secondary roadways. I-94 and quartered by U.S. 127 North and South. M-60, M-50 North and South, M-99, M-124, M-106 and M-52 provide extensive secondary roadway traffic. There is a great volume of rural and residential roadway traffic. All of these roadways require innovative enforcement and monitoring efforts by area law enforcement agencies. Targeting speed and restraint device usage, traffic units have been one of the most successful efforts to reduce serious injury and fatal accidents.

The Jackson County Sheriff's Office carries the traffic enforcement effort further by equipping every marked and semi-marked patrol unit with some type of traffic radar device. The units are either equipped with moving traffic radar units, laser unmounted radar units and now we have equipped our traffic units with the new Kustom, Golden Eagle IIX moving traffic radar unit. This impressive new radar operates in stationary, opposite direction moving, same direction moving, and fastest target tracking modes. Its advanced Digital Signal Processing (DSP) means you can lock-onto and lock-in a speeding motorist in the blink of an eye.
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