Unit Members, Theory & More

The Jackson County Sheriff's Office Traffic Unit is responsible for traffic enforcement within the 720 square miles of Jackson County. The Unit's members perform selective traffic enforcement and accident investigation during peak traffic flow periods of the day. The Unit members are also responsible to thoroughly investigate and reconstructs all fatal accidents that occur in County of Jackson. Traffic Unit members often work in concert with the Michigan Department of State Police Traffic Crash Reconstruction Specialists when the incident is of an unusual nature or requires additional investigative resources. The primary focus of the Traffic Unit is traffic education and enforcement. Similar to many of the other units of the Department, the Traffic Unit subscribes to the theory of compliance through education.

Continual Training & Techniques

The Unit's members are selected for assignment from the Road Patrol Division. Due to the nature of the assignment, only those members with a history of aggressive traffic enforcement and self motivation are considered for the Unit. Each member receives extensive and continual training in following courses of study; Laser and moving traffic radar operation, alcohol enforcement techniques, air support traffic enforcement, accident reconstruction and investigation, passive and active restraint device education, and classroom training techniques for educating children in the area schools.

Request Traffic Enforcement

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