Special Response Team

Cooperative Effort

The Special Response Team is a cooperative effort between the City of Jackson Police Department, Blackman Township Department of Public Safety and the Jackson County Office of the Sheriff. The Team responds to a variety of situations specializing in critical incident management, barricaded gunman, hostage rescue and high risk warrant service. For obvious reasons we do not reveal the membership or size of the team but will commit to a membership larger than most teams in Michigan and smaller than the Los Angeles Police Departments team.


The team is coordinated through the efforts of Jackson County Sheriff Lieutenant Jeremy Barnett who has spent countless hours coordinating, developing, and participating in the training of the team membership. All members are required to attend the State of Michigan Basic Special Weapons and Tactics course, and a variety of individual assignment specialized training. Team members are required to attain and stay at a high level of physical fitness and cardiovascular conditioning. The entire membership is extensively trained in automatic-semi-automatic shoulder weapons, handheld weapons, less lethal force options, chemical weapon deployment-receipt, building search, high risk warrant service, close quarter combat and medical first aid. We do not reveal the types or manufacturers, but commit to using the most technologically advanced and sophisticated rescue, surveillance, and tactical equipment in the market place today.

The team is available to be assembled and deployed in a minimal period of time and participates in both state and national Special Weapons and Tactics organizations.