Crash Reports


There are two types of traffic crash report forms:

Type 1

The most common type of traffic crash form (UD-10), which is used when the accident occurs on the roadway where a Deputy responds and investigates the traffic crash. These Traffic Crash Forms can be obtained by clicking on the link below and filling in the date and report number provided to you by the Deputy.

You can obtain a copy of this report by:


Type 2

The other type of form is the Private Property Crash Form. These forms are used when the accident occurs in a parking lot, driveway, on private property. These forms can be downloaded from this website or picked up at the Sheriffs' office, the City Police, and at some of the larger grocery store service desks.

Obtain a Private Property Crash Report from this website. Once the form is filled out print 3 copies (One for you, 1 for your insurance company, and 1 for the Sheriffs' Office files).

Finally, either mail or drop off the form to the Jackson County Office of the Sheriff at:

212 W Wesley Street

Jackson, MI 49201

If your private property accident occurred within the city limits you will need to drop the form off or mail it to the Jackson City Police.

Private Property Crash Report