Online Forms

  1. Crash Reports

    There are regular Accident Forms, which are used when the accident occurs on the roadway and a Deputy takes the information and fills out the form. The other form type is the Private Property Accident Form. These forms are used when the accident occurs in a parking lot, driveway, on private property.

  2. House Watch

    House watch form

  3. Disability Form

    Complete this form for persons with disabilities. the information will be used by first responders to assist persons with a disability.

  4. Public Records Request

    To request records, police reports, or other documents.

  5. Concealed Pistol License Application

    Concealed Pistol License Application

  6. Pistol Sales Record

    Required only if you have a Concealed Pistol License and you are purchasing a handgun from an individual.

  7. Traffic Enforcement Request

    Request help for traffic issues occurring in your neighborhood.