Animal Bites / Rabies / Bat Exposure


The Jackson County Health Department and Jackson County Animal Shelter collectively investigate bites, scratches or rabies exposures when the victim is human or a domestic animal such as a pet dog or cat. If you or someone you know has been bitten or scratched by an animal, or has an animal that has bitten or scratched, and you aren't sure what to do, please call the Jackson County Health Department’s Communicable Disease Division at 517-768-1664 or the Jackson County Animal Shelter at 517-788-4464 and ask us.​

When to call 911:
​As of January 1, 2014, Animal Control Officers are no longer available in Jackson County. If you have a potentially dangerous situation involving animals, please dial 911. A law enforcement officer will be dispatched.,4579,7-186-76711_78041---,00.html​​​​​

Be a good pet owner.​
​​​1.  Keep vaccinations up-to-date for all dogs, cats, ferrets, horses, cattle, and sheep. In Michigan, dogs and ferrets must be vaccinated for rabies.  Rabies vaccine is also recommended for all cats and any domestic livestock in contact with the public should be vaccinated if a licensed vaccine exists.​​
​2.  There is no post-exposure treatment available for animals and unvaccinated pets and domestic animals that are exposed to a potential rabies carrier and therefore, they may be required to be.​
​3.  ​Spay or neuter your pets to help reduce the number of unwanted animals that may not be properly cared for or regularly vaccinated.​​
​4.  Keep watch on your pets at all times when enjoying the outdoors to keep them from engaging with a wild animal.  If they get bitten or scratched by a wild animal, contact your vet and the Health Department's Communicable Disease Division (517) 768-1664 or Animal Shelter (517) 788-4464.