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  1. Common Definitions / Glossary of Terms

    View a comprehensive glossary of terms related to the 12th District Court.

  2. Job Descriptions

    Find the Jackson County 12th Judicial District Court Job Description information.

  3. Jury Duty

    Find important information about jury duty.

  4. Mission & Values

    Read the 12th District Court's respective mission and values statements.

  5. Pretrial Information (PDF)

    Read this pretrial informational document.

  6. Related District & State Links

    Peruse a list of links of interest.

  7. Resolving Community Disputes

    Learn what mediation is, what kind of problems or issues are addressed, and more.

  8. Visiting Court

    Court Proceedings are open to the public, unless closed by order of the court. The administration of the court encourages members of the public to visit the court to learn more about the court and court processes, especially on Law Day.