Visitors / Inquiries

  1. Court Visitations

    Court Proceedings are open to the public, unless closed by order of the court. The administration of the court encourages members of the public to visit the court to learn more about the court and court processes, especially on Law Day.

  2. Directions to the Courthouse

    Coordinate how to arrive at the courthouse by viewing these detailed step-by-step directions.

  3. Jackson County Job Openings

    The County of Jackson, for purposes of hiring, promotion, advancing, or assigning jobs or any other terms of conditions of employment agrees to provide equal employment opportunity regardless of race, color, religion, national origin, age, sex, height, weight, marital status, arrest record, or handicap as defined by law or any factor not relative to job performance; except where a specific age, sex or physical requirement is a bona-fide occupational requirement.