Well & Septic Information

Wells and Sewage System Permits are mandated and regulated by the Jackson County Health Department Environmental Health Division. Any new systems or repairs/replacements must involve our department. Visit the following pages for additional information. 

  1. Raw Land Evaluation

    Raw land evaluation is a general soil evaluation test and is typically done for a real estate transaction to make sure the land will perc. If a raw land evaluation is completed and a well and/or septic is desired a well and/or soil evaluation will still be required.

  2. Site Evaluation / Soil Testing

    Check with your township before applying for a well or soil evaluation to make sure a municipal system is not available

  3. Permits - Well & Septic

    Check with your township before applying for a well or septic permit to make sure a municipal system is not available.

  4. Jackson County Sanitary Code

    Occasionally questions arise regarding interpretation of sanitary code language. When needed to help clarify the language or sets policy on how certain situations will be handled, guideline statements will be developed and added to this listing.

Old Well & Septic Information

Old well and septic records after 1972 should be on file with the Environmental Health Office. Call 517-788-4433 or email EHealth@co.jackson.mi.us to have files emailed or faxed. Documents can be printed in office for a fee.

Property Change of Use Review

Looking to change the use of the property, get a review.
Change of use can include going from residential to commercial, commercial to residential, adding a bedroom, demolishing less than 50% of a building and more. Call us with any questions.

Property Change of Use Review Form (PDF)
There is an $85 fee associated with this process. 

Financial Assistance Resources for Septic Repair & Replacements

Financial Assistance Resources for Septic Repair & Replacements (PDF)