Housing & Indoor Air

Many of us spend a majority of our day indoors either in schools, workplaces or home.  As such, a healthy indoor environment is vital for healthy living. Indoor air pollution, as well as environmental issues in your home or indoor environment, can have significant effects on your health.
  1. Bug Facts

    Bugs are a major concern in today’s world. Investigations have been spreading worldwide. Bed bugs are small brownish insects that are visible to the naked eye. They may cause irritating, itchy bite reactions and anxiety. They often hide in the creases of mattresses or other small hiding places. The good news is that bed bugs do not transmit disease!

  2. Mold Facts

    Molds are found everywhere in the air, indoors and outdoors. Molds produce spores, which are microscopic seeds, which land on surfaces. If spores land on a dry surface nothing will happen. If they land on a wet surface, they may grow into the mold you can see. When spores exist in large numbers, they can cause asthma, respiratory problems, allergic reactions, and/or immune system issues.

  3. Radon Facts

    Do you know your dwelling radon number? January is radon action month and the Jackson County Health Department offers radon kits for a fee.